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Tokujin Yoshioka “Second Nature”

octubre 22, 2008

The Second Nature exhibition, directed by Tokujin Yoshioka, just opened at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo. One of the highlights of this exhibition is the Venus – Natural Crystal Chair that comes into being as crystals form structures on a block of polyester fiber. A special mineral solution is added to the polyester and the structure grows in a huge aquarium. It takes about one month for the chair to be complete. Here’s what Yoshioka had to say: “…I have pondered on challenging the history of design by creating an epoch-making chair grown from natural crystal structures. Today, a rapid development of technology, particularly the use of computer renderings, has ensured and made various things real. I want to believe, however, there is something in nature that defies all human imagination. I have wondered whether we can make a proposal through design, where we can once again think about the earth and feel the beauty and the power of nature. I guided the first half of the production but the other half is left up to nature: the beauty born of coincidence, which a human cannot create on his own will. This natural crystal chair, which is formed using the laws of nature, pushes the boundaries of creativity. The work is like my message for the future.”


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London’s Engine Takes A Jump

octubre 22, 2008

London-based architecture and design firm Jump Studios believes that innovation comes from breaking barriers between design disciplines. At Jump, expertise from the worlds of fashion, art, anthropology and academia is added to the design and architecture contingent.

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Compact Living: sofa doubles as a bunk bed

septiembre 16, 2006


DOC sofa

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¿Cómo viviremos el futuro?

agosto 28, 2006


ENTRY2006 will centre around the main exhibition, which will run from 26 August to 3 December 2006 in the Kohlenwäsche (former coal-washing plant) at Essen’s Zollverein. The exhibition concept starts with a look back at the pioneers of design and then passes through the history of today’s cult brands that have been conquering the consumer world since the 1950s. Finally, it previews the future and asks what possibilities will arise if design and science overcome the limits of what seems possible today.
New materials and technologies pave new ways for designers, with Mother Nature frequently playing a leading role. One example is the lotus effect, where scientists have researched the self-cleaning principle utilised by lotus flower leaves and translated it into technical applications. Products such as roof tiles, cars and bath-tubs with self-cleaning surfaces – the fruits of collaboration between designers and manufacturers – are now available and setting the standards for the future.

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