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Visualizando el Tamaño del Desastre de Derrame de Petróleo de BP

mayo 27, 2010

How Big is the Oil Spill in Relation to Your Home?

By now, the Gulf oil spill is without a doubt the most monumental environmental disaster of the past year, if not the past decade. But while we are being bombarded with news, often very graphic, of its scale, impact and consequences, it can be hard to digest information alienatingly outside the context of our own lives. We all know it’s bad, but how bad? Big, but how big?

If It Was My Home aims to address this by contextualizing the oil spill in relation to users’ own homes – just type in your location and the Google Maps mashup will overlay the current size of the spill over your city (we covered an earlier tool here). Simple and powerfully effective, it suddenly puts things in perspective and makes the diaster incredibly, devastatingly palpable.

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Meguru Japanese Electric Vehicle Is Made Out of Bamboo and Wood Pulp Paper

mayo 22, 2010


BY Ariel

We’ve seen bamboo bikes and biodiesel-powered bamboo taxis, but this EV is the first we’ve seen that makes use of the fast-growing plant. Meguru, a rickshaw-like EV developed by Japanese companies Yodogawa and Kinki Knives Industries, features an iron body coated in lacquer, a fan-shaped paper door, and bamboo flooring.
Meguru doesn’t exactly look highway-ready, but that’s not the point–the Japanese culture-inspired touches are meant to attract customers in more “traditional” towns like Nara and Kyoto. The car has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 25 miles, so it can’t go very far anyway. Eventually, Meguru is expected to go on sale in Japan for approximately $10,000.
We love the idea of using indigenous materials in vehicles, and bamboo in particular is almost endlessly renewable. While it isn’t the safest idea to use bamboo in vehicle body, Meguru’s bamboo floor is both elegant and sustainable.
Crunchgear points us to this video of Meguru in action.

Fuente: Fast Company