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XVI Bienal de Arquitectura de Chile

octubre 31, 2008


Garden and Sea House

octubre 31, 2008

Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Fuente: Architect

Dutch Design Week

octubre 30, 2008

MoCo contributor Huibert van Muilwijk from Dutch design studio Made by Midas is covering Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven again for us this year. As usual there is a wide array of talent and creativity that seems to be denser here than at most shows.

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Fuente: MoCo LoCo

Grafton Architects Wins Building of the Year Award

octubre 29, 2008

Grafton Architects’ new faculty building for the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan has become the first World Building of the Year at the inaugural World Architecture Festival. Speaking at the awards ceremony, Festival director Paul Finch described the building as ‘a totally 3d piece of design’ and praised it for its relationship with the city.


Fuente: Bustler

Joao Gilberto e Caetano Veloso – O Pato

octubre 24, 2008

S u p e r b l o g persigue buenas noticias. De ahora en lo adelante, los viernes postearemos muy buenas noticias, de lo contrario, pondremos música. Hoy empezamos con O Pato (Jayme Silva – Neuza Teixera / arr. Joao Gilberto).

Tokujin Yoshioka “Second Nature”

octubre 22, 2008

The Second Nature exhibition, directed by Tokujin Yoshioka, just opened at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo. One of the highlights of this exhibition is the Venus – Natural Crystal Chair that comes into being as crystals form structures on a block of polyester fiber. A special mineral solution is added to the polyester and the structure grows in a huge aquarium. It takes about one month for the chair to be complete. Here’s what Yoshioka had to say: “…I have pondered on challenging the history of design by creating an epoch-making chair grown from natural crystal structures. Today, a rapid development of technology, particularly the use of computer renderings, has ensured and made various things real. I want to believe, however, there is something in nature that defies all human imagination. I have wondered whether we can make a proposal through design, where we can once again think about the earth and feel the beauty and the power of nature. I guided the first half of the production but the other half is left up to nature: the beauty born of coincidence, which a human cannot create on his own will. This natural crystal chair, which is formed using the laws of nature, pushes the boundaries of creativity. The work is like my message for the future.”


Fuente: MoCoLoCo

London’s Engine Takes A Jump

octubre 22, 2008

London-based architecture and design firm Jump Studios believes that innovation comes from breaking barriers between design disciplines. At Jump, expertise from the worlds of fashion, art, anthropology and academia is added to the design and architecture contingent.

Fuente: the cool hunter

Teatro del Agua

octubre 21, 2008

Desalinización Ecológica del Agua

Uno de los principales problemas de la desalinización del agua del mar es la obtención de la energía necesaria para realizarlo. Por supuesto la mejor manera de obtener esta energía es de las fuentes renovables provenientes de generadores eólicos o paneles fotovoltaicos. Pero esto aumenta el coste de la desalinización de manera elevada. La solución como siempre la tenemos en la naturaleza, ahí fuera ya está todo inventado solo hay que saber buscar y copiarlo. El escarabajo de namibia recoge agua entre sus alas para poder sobrevivir, así que solo había que copiar el método.

El resultado es el Teatro del Agua que está proyectado construirse en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Una construcción de tamaño importante con una enorme capacidad de desalinización y con un balance energético muy ajustado.

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Fuente: Criando Cuervos (vía Elizabeth Casanova)

Green Submission

octubre 21, 2008

Binary Design’s Study of Desert Plants and Ancient Dwellings Leads to New Green Building Technologies

Fuente: Archinect (vía Eduardo Sánchez)

Patrick Blanc: Jardines Verticales

octubre 21, 2008

vía Lowell Whipple