Holcim Awards

julio 14, 2010

Innovative technology applied to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions is a key element of the sustainable construction approach: the “Autonomous alpine shelter” in close proximity to the iconic Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps is the impressive result of a team of students at the ETH Zurich, led by Andrea Deplazes (Europe Bronze Award 2008).

Recognition of forward-looking projects
The Holcim Awards is an international competition that recognizes innovative projects and future-oriented concepts on regional and global levels. A total of USD 2 million dollars in prize money is awarded in each three-year cycle.

The competition seeks projects that demonstrate an ability to stretch conventional notions about sustainable building and also balance environmental, social and economic performance – while also exemplifying architectural excellence and a high degree of transferability.

Projects and concepts related to: buildings and civil engineering works; landscape, urban design and infrastructure; and materials, products and construction technologies are eligible for entry in the competition.

Two-stage global competition
A regional competition in each of the five world regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa Middle East and Asia Pacific. Independent juries supported by the Holcim Foundation’s partner universities evaluate submissions on the basis of the “target issues” for sustainable construction.
“target issues” for sustainable construction

The 15 projects that receive Holcim Awards Gold, Silver or Bronze in these five regions are then qualified for the competition for the Global Holcim Awards. For information on previous Holcim Awards winners follow the links below:
Global Holcim Awards 2009
Regional Holcim Awards 2008
Global Holcim Awards 2006
Regional Holcim Awards 2005

Holcim Awards (main) and “Next Generation” (student) categories
There are two categories within the competition. The main category of the competition is open to architects, planners, engineers, project owners, builders and construction firms that showcase sustainable responses to technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues affective contemporary building and construction.

The Holcim Awards also seeks the visions and ideas for the “Next Generation” category which is open to student projects created within university programs at final year bachelor level or above (including masters and PhD).

The 3rd competition cycle opened for submissions on July 1, 2010. Entries must be submitted online by March 23, 2011. Projects are eligible if they have reached an advanced stage of design and construction (or commercial production in the case of materials, products and construction technologies) had not started before July 1, 2010.
Regional Holcim Awards open for entries now



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