Barack Obama Art Exhibit in Dominican Republic

noviembre 21, 2008

Art as politics: phenomenon Obama.

A private collector art exhibit of Barack Obama posters in Dominican Republic. Location Barna Business School. November 18th until January 31st, 2009.

El arte como política—la política como



Una respuesta to “Barack Obama Art Exhibit in Dominican Republic”

  1. Glennys Anglada Says:

    As a graphic designer, I have being impressed with the work of so many artists supporting Obama and how for the first time a political art movement contributed to change on November 4th. So I can educate,illustrate and inspire others in the same field, I’m having an exhibit of my personal collection of Obama poster and Obama Art in an International Business School in the Dominican Republic. The opening date was NOV 18th and it will be up until January 31, 2009. It is a great honor to spread around the art of these unprecedent political-cultural art movement. As a collector, have to say that when I acquire the first poster I never thought it will lead into a great 70+ poster collection, including a few of my own. The many hours, days and months consumed by searching, blogging, reading and bidding have paid of in a good way. The political-cultural art movement that Obama’s image and message have initiated has touch many artists. The exhibit is about art, is about propaganda, is about a movement, is about a collector’s passion to acquire and an artist’s passion to create. Is my personal way to show in my country the president elect “Barack Obama as viewed by artists”—a political figure that has the potential to be a world leader.


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