I LOVE GITMO / zerOgroup

noviembre 20, 2008


In reaction to US President-elect Barack Obama’s Sunday’s declaration on CBS ‘60 minutes’ on 16.11.2008 (his first sit-down interview since winning the November 4 presidential election) where he has confirmed his intention to close Guantanamo’s Detention Center, zerOgroup made this proposal, called ‘I LOVE GITMO’ to upgrade the American enclave in Cuba into a mass tourism destination.

The ‘I LOVE GITMO’ proposal is one of the works that have been elaborated at the ‘Con Embargo Sin Embargo’ workshop organized by Supersudaca, supported by the Prins Claus Fund, and held at the IaaC Barcelona (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya) in September 2008.

The workshop has explored with architects, urbanists and landscape architects the potential shift in tourism and developed territorial speculations in Cuba in a post embargo context. ‘Con Embargo Sin Embargo’ has promoted the production of creative scenarios for a highly specific territory with a strong socio-political identity that would change drastically after the lifting of the economic restraints of the embargo. The topic has been explored in multiple locations and scales promoting studies and proposals that varied from prototypical to the particular, from the abstract to the concrete.

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Fuente: ArchDaily


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