Designing the Future of New Orleans: Architectural Record and Tulane University host two ideas competitions

septiembre 15, 2006


Honor Award:
Eight Inc., San Fancisco
Tim Kobe, principal, with Doo Ho Lee, Ryoji Karube, Jeff Straesser, Jie Siang Yong, David Herman, BJ Siegel, Nathan Nagai
High Density on the High Ground Competition


Honor Award:
Anderson Anderson Architecture,
San Francisco
Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson, Kylie Moss, Aaron Brumo, Alan Owings, Brent Sumida, Dennis Oshiro, Ji young Chung, Rita Sio

New Orleans Prototype House Competition


Honor Award:
Zui Lig Ng, University of Houston
Rafael Longoria and Fernando Brave, instructors


Honor Award:
Michelle Jellison, Montana State University, Bozeman
John Brittingham, instructor


Honor Award:
Amin Gilani and Josh Spoerl, University of Texas, Arlington
Heath MacDonald and Bijan Youssefzadeh, Instructors


Honor Award:
Kiduck Kim and Christian Stayner, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

By James S. Russell, AIA.

Can houses and apartments rise gracefully above floodwaters while maintaining New Orleans’s famous neighborliness? Can higher ground successfully accommodate more of the city’s citizens in an environmentally sustainable way? Both students and professionals offered a wealth of answers in the 544 entries for two competitions initiated by Architectural Record in a partnership with Tulane University’s School of Architecture. The High Density on the High Ground Competition asked professionals to propose a 160-unit housing project on an actual development site, while student competitors in the New Orleans Prototype House Competition designed a three-bedroom house that could adapt to a variety of conditions. Tulane architecture dean Reed Kroloff presided over the judging, while Scott Bernhard and Carrie Bernhard wrote the programs and co-coordinated the competitions, aided by numerous student volunteers from Tulane.

fuente: Architectural Record

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