TED, tecnología, entretenimiento y diseño

agosto 26, 2006


TED….. technology, enterteinment and design

Cada año, 1000 personalidades destacadas por sus aportes a la calidad de vida del planeta se congregan en Monterrey, California. Para intercambiar algo de incalculable valor:


lo que pasa allí, nunca se compartió o se difundió…..hasta ahora.

Entre los participantes de este año, los que me parecen más destacados son: Majora Carter, Amy Smith y Nicholas Negroponte.

Altamente recomendable,

José Genao

Algunos favoritos del grupo de conferencistas incluye tambíén a: .

Jimmy Wales is founder of Wikipedia
, the self-organizing, self-correcting, ever-expanding, and thoroughly addictive encyclopedia of the future.

Richard Baraniuk
is a Rice University professor with a giant vision: to create a free, global online education system.

MIT engineer Amy Smith designs ingenious low-cost devices to tackle tough problems in developing countries.

Ross Lovegrove is an industrial designer, perhaps best known for his work on the Sony Walkman and Apple iMac.

Nicholas Negroponte is former Director of the MIT Media Lab, and founder of the non-profit, One Laptop Per Child.


TEDPrize winner Jehane Noujaim is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, responsible for Control Room and Startup.com.

TEDPrize winner Cameron Sinclair is founder of Architecture for Humanity, whose motto is “Design like you give a damn.”

Majora Carter
Founder and Executive Director
Sustainable South Bronx

Majora Carter is founder and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx, an emergent community organization dedicated to the implementation of sustainable development projects for the South Bronx that are informed by the needs of the community and the values of environmental justice. Previously, she served as project director and then associate director of community restoration of the Point Community Development Corporation.
Ms. Carter co-designed the proposal for CityRiver, a job-creation, economic and ecological development for the Bronx River. She also spearheaded the development of the Hunts Point Riverside Park, the first waterfront park on the Hunts Point peninsula in over sixty years. She is a board member of the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance and representative for the Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods.
Her numerous honors and awards include the 2002 NYC Council Women’s History Month Pacesetter Award, the 2000 Environmental Advocate Award for Achievements in Community Development and the 1999 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Quality Award.
A graduate of Coro Foundation’s Leadership New York XI program, Ms. Carter earned her MFA from New York University and her BA from Wesleyan University.

enlaces de Majora Carter >>>

TED vídeos para ver en línea o descargar >>>

Amy Smith homepage >>>



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